“Dancing Lessons” Naked Goddess Productions

Heartwarming and humorous, Dancing Lessons centers on a geophysics professor with Asperger’s syndrome who approaches a Broadway dancer to teach him how to dance for an awards dinner. The dancer, however, is recovering from an injury that may end her dancing career permanently. As their relationship unfolds, they are both caught off guard by the…

Vancouver Monologue Slam | March 31, 2019

I decided on a whim to enter the Vancouver Monologue Slam. I’ve always loved Ira Lewis’ “Chinese Coffee” so I chose that as my entry piece. About a week before I said to an acting friend of mine, “I don’t really care if I win as long as I move one person in the audience.”…


Love does indeed Conquer all For it is The Love of self That melts The frozen rain Of inclemency That melts The icey look Of once dear friendships That melts The rusted steel Of of locked passages Behind doors That lead To new friends And sunny days

Play Time

It really doesn’t matter If there’s is nothing new to sayOr no new way to say it Because  it’s about more than us More thanThe writerThe actor The artistIt’s also aboutThe viewerThe listenerThe thinkerThirsty to take in something newWe talk so oftenAbout our inner childOften forgettingEveryone has one

Pics n Peeps

After much deliberation I decided to take down my photography website as there was no need in maintaining more than one website.

The Detour | Air Date: TBD

Finished shooting an episode of “The Detour” a few weeks ago and it’s to be aired sometime next year. Check out IMDB for a release date for Episode 8. It was a lot of fun playing with this irreverent bunch of scallywags with their “milky alabaster skin.”